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Only Chicago Metallic has DuraShield®

DuraShield® is a long lasting non-stick pan coating that provides unparalleled releases and increases the sanitation and safety level of your operation.

  • Reduced Pan Oil and Labor Costs – DuraShield® virtually eliminates the use of oils, parchment papers and non-stick mats for most bakery applications.
  • Healthy Baking – Pans coated with DuraShield® help reduce undesirable fat content by eliminating pan oiling completely.
  • Easy Clean-up – DuraShield® coated pans clean easily and are dishwasher, pan washer and pot sink safe when dried thoroughly after each wash.

For more information DuraShield® and the Chicago Metallic line of Bakeware Products, call Nordon today at (215) 504-4700


Only Chicago Metallic has ePan®

ePAN® Bun Pans are manufactured from high tensile strength aluminized steel which produces a pan that is thinner and lighter, yet substantially stronger than traditional pans.

  • Energy Efficient – ePAN® uses a thinner gauge but higher tensile strength
    aluminized steel that allows the pan to heat up and cool down faster,
    resulting in reduced energy cost.
  • Ergonomically Sound – Lighter weight ePAN® – weighing up to 25% less than a traditional pan.
  • Environmentally Sensible – ePAN® requires a substantially lower volume of raw material resulting in less resource consumption.
  • Extended Pan Life – The high tensile strength of ePAN®’s aluminized steel minimizes the potential for pan damage.
  • Exceptional Release Properties – We can supply ePAN® bun pans with either of our unique, proprietary AMERICOAT® Plus or DuraShield coatings… delivering hundreds, even thousands, of trouble free releases.

For more information on ePan® and the Chicago Metallic line of Bakeware Products, call Nordon today at (215) 504-4700


Only Chicago Metallic has StayFlat® Sheet Pans

  • Reinforced Sides Prevent Flaring
    StayFlat® Sheet Pans feature sidewalls that are continuously reinforced with a horizontal engineered rib. This feature increases sidewall strength up to 30% where stronger, flatter sheet pans are required.
  • Increased Tensile Strength
    A proprietary manufacturing method imparts a residual tensile stress in the StayFlat® pan bottom, which further increases the strength of the pan and resists damage from denting or bowing.
  • Concave Bottom Resists Bowing
    The method used to increase tensile strength of the StayFlat® pan bottom also creates a slightly concave bottom that flattens during heating for even heat distribution and increased resistance to bowing.

For more information on StayFlat® and the Chicago Metallic line of Bakeware Products, call Nordon today at (215) 504-4700

Spring Hoshizaki Service Seminar

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NORDON is proud to present the Spring 2018 Hoshizaki Service Seminar for the following locations:


May 2nd, 2018 – 4:30PM
May 3rd, 2018 – 4:30PM

Nordon, LLC – Test Kitchen
1 Cabot Blvd East
Langhorne, PA 19047

Registration Fee:
$25 per attendee


May 1st, 2018 – 4:30PM

Marriott Hotel Pittsburgh Airport
777 Aten Road
Coraopolis PA 15108

Registration Fee:
$25 per attendee

All classes start strictly at 4:30pm, we ask that all techs arrive and are seated by 4:15 pm. To sign up please contact the parts department at or call us at 800-544-0400